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At Thomas Young we have a very special interest in gemstones from around the world and we hope you will find a good selection of gifts to choose from such as our fine quality Diamond and precious gemstone jewellery set in silver, gold and platinum. We are stockists of some popular brands of watches such as Seiko, Rotary, Mondaine, Braun, Casio and Timex. Please take a look through our pages and see what we have to offer.

We are traditional jewellers established in Cupar for over 50 years and we welcome any queries regarding help with the selection of a gift or an article in need of repair or appraisal.

Along with front shop sales we have a dedicated in-house workshop and each section within this site may lead you to a gift purchase to celebrate or information about a specific service.



My fathers part in this story began in 1947 when he left Bell Baxter and took up an apprenticeship with his Uncle Robert Kemlo who had a workshop in Ladybank.

Thomas, my father, finished his apprenticeship with Alex Constable in Kirkcaldy and then served two years National Service in the RAF as a gun armourer. Following that, Thomas started business in Cupar in September 1956 at 90 Bonnygate. The outer front shop remains the same to this day.

Over his years Thomas established himself and found it necessary to expand his front shop for sales of jewellery and also expand backwards and upwards to accommodate his growing workshop.

Initially Thomas carried out work in repairing wristwatches and clocks and this was the highest proportion of his business turnover. During the 1960s technology changed and the age of the throw away watch came into being. This does not mean the mechanical watch industry is dead, but it has changed course to become an exclusive market.

My work as a watchmaker is that of a restorer of family heirlooms such as treasured pocket watches and antique clocks belonging to families over the generations and so the business at 90 Bonnygate continues and time goes on.

Eric Young M.B.H.I.